Customized Services


A service area in which MCR Security has excelled is that of customized site, multi-point security management, particularly on large civil engineering and roads projects, where the location being guarded can stretch for many kilometres. We are providing this service nationwide on most of the country's major infrastructural developments.


For large sites we recommend the placing of a number of security compounds at predetermined strategic locations where we will base static guarding teams. These static guards patrol and check their immediate area but are also supported by a mobile guard team who patrol the rest of the site at regular intervals. The site can be further secured by CCTV cameras, which are monitored at the security compounds and at our Control Centre.

Building site patrols can clock on to our Checkpoint monitoring system at predetermined points, which is linked directly to our control centre. This also provides clients with a service monitoring facility.

Recent large-scale customized projects we have undertaken include:
  1. Ascon/Dragados Joint Venture - Waterford Motorway extension
  2. Ascon - Waterford to Knocktopher roadworks
  3. Siac/Ferrovial Joint Venture - M50 Widening Project
  4. Bothar Hibernian/Coffey's/McNamara's Joint Venture - Nenagh to Limerick Dual Carriageway Project